Jan 27, 2014

Evolution of Style

Over the years I've struggled to figure out just exactly what my decorating style and personal style is.  To others, perhaps it is more evident in the furnishings in my home or the clothes I wear.  Can they look at my home or my wardrobe and peg me with a certain style?  I would curious to hear what they would say. 
I can't help but wonder how much money plays a factor in our personal styles.  If you have all the money you could want at your disposal, would your style be different (both in your home and in your wardrobe) than it is now? 

(all photos in this post  are sourced - http://inspired-design.tumblr.com/) My favorite tumbler ever!
I would have to say a resounding YES to that question for myself.  I think that is likely true for a lot of diy'ers out there.  We create on a budget because we didn't win the lottery, or we are very much into reuse and recycling for a greener planet or maybe it's in our DNA and we are creative types, with a love for design.  I think I fall into the creative, it's in my DNA catagory.  Well, that, and I haven't as of yet--won the lottery, haha. 

I recently stumbled upon a blog with a post about your style and how to figure it out here.  My style is certainly what I would call "eclectic" with mixes of modern and traditional.  As for my fashion style, I gravitate toward classic lines.  I love a cute, stylish, yet comfortable outfit.  I'll take a cute jacket, a scarf, cute jeans and boots or flats anyday of the week.  I'm past the age of needing to wear 4 inch heels or skirt up "there" or really low cut blouses to show off my cleavage.  Remember those days?  I certainly do, there were called the 80's (and some of the 90s)!  I remember wearing the cutest mini skirts in high school.  I could pull it off at 18, not so much in my 40's (nor would I ever even try, just sayin). 

I love beautiful design and soft romatic things, but don't know that I could pull it off in my own home or in my wardrobe.  I love vintage and antique and traditional and...well, you get the idea...eclectic sense of style.  I don't want to be tied down to any one particular style, I like to mix it up!

How about you?  Do you have a clear vision of your style?  I'd love to hear from you. 



  1. Colleen,

    I completely understand! I think I would have the same style regardless....but I would be decorating on a tropical isle. :)

    Happy day to you friend!

    1. You and me both karianne! Anything tropical sounds really good right now. Hope you're photo shoot went well, you are probably exhausted!


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